Mohd Shahrullah Khan bin Nawab Zadah Khan completed his Master of Law (Hons.) from University Teknologi MARA (UiTM) following his LLB (Hons.) studies at the same institution. He commenced his professional journey as a Deputy Public Prosecutor at the Attorney General’s Chamber before being seconded to the Anti Corruption Agency (now known as the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission) in 2007. Over the years, he has skillfully managed a portfolio of more than 1000 cases under the MACC Act 2009.

Upon leaving his position as Deputy Public Prosecutor, he established his own law firm and later assumed leadership of the Commercial Crime, Money Laundering & MACC Department at Ashraff Al-Hirzan & Associates.

His fervor for anti-corruption legislation is evident, as he is dedicated to its expansion and enhancement. Through his examination of Indian law, he has uncovered various applications and perspectives that differ from those found in other legal systems. One key disparity lies in the definitions of "obtain" and "receive," which, despite their apparent similarity in everyday language, possess subtle distinctions that have a substantial impact, especially in the context of proving demands for public officials under the "obtain" definition.

He hopes that this website can be effectively used by professionals and law enforcement officers to collectively advance anti-corruption laws. With his background as an Advocate & Solicitor, he has encountered numerous clients who were actually innocent but falsely accused by the complainant, fortunately, they were acquitted of the charges. It is preferable to clear ten guilty individuals than to convict one innocent person.

He can be contacted via whatsapp at 012-9200 998 or click the Whatsapp Button below

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Mohd Shahrullah Khan is the Head of Commercial Crime, Money Laundering & MACC Department at Ashraff Al-Hirzan & Associates. 

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